Friday, October 29, 2010

No Time is Write

More than anything else right now, I want to write. I want to disappear down a rabbit-hole with my laptop. I would swallow that red pill and tell those blue pills what I thought they could do with themselves.

Life, for me, is in the stories. Stories that make my life feel dull with their absence. I see fictitious people everywhere and I don't need any pills to induce or rid me of that. My characters chew on the shoe of my mind like a neglected puppy vying for attention. After all, I'm guilty on all charges. I have neglected much.

What I wouldn't do to lose myself to hours of writing. Where thoughts become people and places and lives. Where a story unwraps its self from my mind and that tiny courser blinks at me, ever ready to record my whims. I become a woman possessed. Chapters are written in hours that pass like minutes.

Stories I wish others would write cry for my attention like babies do mothers at ungodly hours. I wish others would write these because they are the stories I always wanted to read. These are my children because they are indeed laborious endeavours. How easy it is to create, how timely it is to mould. These trials matter not, because of the wonder of creation, the fulfilment of the craft. How I wish I had the time to write.

*sigh* Well, I guess it's back to my technical math homework I go. :s

Stella out!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Call Off The Search Party

Yes, I AM alive! Sorry for neglecting the blogging world. My laptop is just furious about how I've been ignoring it. I'm currently battling my way thought the gauntlet know as midterms. This program has sapped all my spare time and what little time I get I usually spend starring at a movie trying not to think. Have I mentioned how intense this course is?

I have not worked on my novel The Male Amendment in over a month now. *sniff, sniff* I haven't had much time to even think about it. Though now I can calculate the added arced distance a plane must fly to avoid a storm. LOL!!!!! On a writerly note we are currently covering affirmations in my Communications class. I have a serious problem with when to use 'is' or 'are' in certain situations. I am still confused, but am getting closer to the root problem. It's funny that when all my classmates, and I do mean all, complain about going to another "useless Communications class" I laugh. It's my favourite class. I wish we had it more than three times a week. I've been proofreading some of my school buddies reports and it's needed, big time. I thought my grammar was atrocious, and believe me it is. After reading other authors works for the last three years, I've discovered reality has a mad left hook. The average person has a lot of grammar issues we can all thank our school systems for. A focus on more than just "basics" in school would help native speakers comunicate better in their own language.

Thank you to Botanist for wondering if I was still alive. I'm hanging in there and when I get a chance I'm definatly criting that peice of yours on CC that I never got around to. >_< I'm such a bad writer-friend. Stella out!
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