What news through yonder window breaks?

The physical copy of Across the Wire is now available on Amazon and Black Friday deals apply! YAY!!!

Isn't the jacket great? My friend Alex, a graphic designer, made this for me. He's awesome! If anyone is looking for help creating their cover/jacket, let me know and I can pass along Alex's info to you.

I have also created some swag that will be given away in upcoming blog events such as the Book Blitz on December 2-8 hosted by Xpresso Book Tours.


The Swag:

Proverbs from the novel Across the Wire as spoken by the character of Mia.

Feeling unmotivated? Need a pick-me-up? How about an old-school chew-out military style? Just the thing to put the twitch back into your step.

These are all available on Zazzle.com.
I will also be giving away a Goddess pendant from the novel. Much like the one I'm wearing in this picture.
So exciting!

Stella out!


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