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Rebirth of a Blog

Hello, strangers.

I know, it's been a long time. Like, a really really long time, mid March of 2015 to be exact. Back when I thought I could start doing video book reviews and possibly engaging people through YouTube. Some people succeed at this, I however did not.

Epic fail.

Like all epic failures they make you reevaluate what you're doing and why. Why do any of it? It being videos, blogging, and writing. The truth is I don't know why.

I'd like to say I write for the readers, but the truth is I don't have many, if any, of those. I'd like to say that I blogged to get people to be interested in me and said writing, but the truth is I don't think it did. I'd like to say that I made some YouTube videos so that I could connect with other readers, but that didn't work out either.

So why? Why fumble through renewing this domain for another year to just let it sit idle, like some ancient ruin once thought useful but now forgotten? I don't know.

The one…

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