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The Best Any of Us Can Be

Four days ago a close friend included me in a group text with the topic of the chat a new Gillette commercial slated to hit TV soon if not already there. Now let me say that I don’t watch TV, so often times I find myself behind on certain cultural stirrings. Everyone in on the chat, a total of four people myself included, are all very important people in my life which I mention because I feel it is important to understand the conflict I was about to feel upon watching said commercial.
So I watched the linked ad.

My immediate first feeling of it was uncomfortable. I had a few ideas why I felt this way but I like to take my time coming to conclusions about complex things because they merit careful introspection.
My friend wanted to know everyone’s thoughts on the commercial which often happens as everyone in the chat holds different views on a wide range of topics. We often like to converse in-depth about different political and social issues. This friend thought it was a beautifully done …

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