Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So it's Wednesday night and...

It's Wednesday night. It's Wednesday night and I should be doing something productive with my time. Something productive like...oh, I don't editing the next chapter of my book that needs to be finished before the end of the week. Like editing other writers works so that I can earn such a favour in return. But, it's Wednesday night and I am sitting in my hotel room, finished reading the two books that I had brought with me to help me relax this week because I haven't read anything for fun since Catching Fire(which doesn't count because I knew it was going to be amazing). Only to realize that the two books I've read in two days(a series) leave me irritated wronged it's feels like I'm trying to pet a cat backwards. *sigh* More about these books in my next post. I must rant in order to fix my reader's chi. :S

So it's Wednesday night, and what am I doing you ask? I am watching HiLaRiOuS Youtube video's of one of my now favourite comedians, Eddie Izzard. I am watching, laughing myself into fits of dementia so sever I'm sure my neighbors are calling hotel security on me, when I find that some genius has put some of Eddie's stand up to Lego. Bwah hahahahahahahha!!!

Need. I. Say. More? Check out my favourites for yourself.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Moon Movie Trailer

Props must be given to the the director of New Moon. Chris Weitz, I salute you for taking New Moon to the next level and making Kristen Stewart look more like an actress. Although I still cringe at her over-acting at times, I see a huge improvement in this trailer alone.

I am now looking forward to seeing this movie. This trailer really brought excitement, anticipation, and racing heart beats to all that watch. Now I feel like this movie is worth sitting in a teenage crowded movie theater, where sighs, screams, and giggling are a product when ever Edward shows up. Well, maybe.

I hope you all realize that I'm taking my life into my own hands with that last comment. I may just die for my art. LOL!!

Click and enjoy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Story of Success is Being Published

My story is getting published!! Available on October 1st is the book Making it in High Heels 2 for Role Models and Future Leaders. It's a chicken soup for the soul kind-of-book that focuses on how 40 different women became successful in their fields, and the struggles they dealt with along the way. I am honored to say that my story is among the 40 in this book. This is my account of how I became an Artistic Director with the largest haircare service company in the world at the age of 23. If you have an opportunity to buy and read it, please let me know what you think. The first addition of this book was a best seller and I hope this second instalment will be just as successful. Fingers crossed. I shall be shamelessly plugging this book every chance I get. Actors do it, and so can I! LOL!! Buy the book at Chapters or Amazon (This is for the Canadians out there. I think Amazon has the better deal though): Buy the book at Amazon (This is for the Americans out there):

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Harsh Sting of Criticism

Once upon a time there was a woman, whose sole desire was to share her work with others. She would pour her soul into all that she did. But there was a problem when her essence was attached to her work. When others criticizes her labor it was like they were raking her soul. Like what she loved and treasured had become the trash others wiped their feet on. This was hard for the woman, for she felt certain at times that she should surrender, for she was terrible at all that she loved. But at other times a conviction stronger than steal would tell her that this was her path to walk. So she persisted in all that she did, and the criticism stung less each time she heard it. She began to value even the harshest of remarks, because beneath the words that stung so deep, was an opportunity to make herself better at the things she held dear.

When I wrote the first rough draft of my novel The Male Amendment I felt exhilarated. I had finally finished one of the many projects I have started but rarely see through to completion. I thought it was perfect-aside from grammatical issues. So I started sending out query letters to literary agents. *sighs and laughs at her once naive self* I began my journey to actual authorship when revisions began, and boy, were my eyes opened and was a good helping of humble pie eaten. With help from a friend, Monica, who was much too kind to tell me how terrible certain parts of my novel were. My marvelous meetings with Canadian author Lynn Coady, who served me my criticisms with a kindness that can only come from humility and compassion. And by joining the Critique Circle-an online writers group-did my voyage truly begin.

I can now fully understand what Lynn had once told me. That the hard part of writing wasn’t the actual fleshing out of the story, oh no my friends, that, is the easy part. The creative juices are flowing you’re caught up in the story and are taken along for the ride. The hard part, the craft-as Lynn called it-is in the countless revisions and the discipline involved with that art. This baffles my husband. He has no idea why I am still “messing” with my book. He thinks the hard part of the whole process was actually writing what turned out to be a 130,000 word-approximately 500 page- novel. I would have agreed with him a year ago, but so much has happened in that year.

When I used to read my critiques, I looked a lot like the picture. Tense, emotional, and wondering if there was any point of writing at all, I was such a failure after all. I was never good at accepting criticism, I was always hard enough on myself. But things have changed. I welcome the callous words that come to me from cyberspace, from authors who forget that there is a person on the other end of that send button. I am guilty of such harsh critiques, so don’t feel bad for me. Hidden inside even the worst of these criticisms-among the ego and writing style clashes, the purple prose and fridge logic, the POV conflicts and genre bashing- there is at least one sliver of truth I can painfully rip from the unwilling flesh that is the crit, that will add to my growing arsenal. I owe many thanks to those who have read my work.

I grow into a thicker skin and a better writer everyday because of it.


P.S.- Yes, I'm in my pajamas in these pictures. I'm a writer, do NOT judge me!!! LOL!! ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Was it as good for you as it was for me? I don't know, but here are my thoughts.

I finished reading Catching Fire last night. I soaked up the book like a paper towel dipped in a glass of water, osmosis was my weapon. Hours passed, the story hooked me and may I add, snaps for Suzanne Collins. With that said, do I think that Catching fire was as good as The Hunger Games? No. Let me explain. What I did like about Catching Fire even more than The Hunger Games was that it felt more like you're inside Katnis' head and the character felt more comfortable with herself than in the first book. I liked how She was even more isolated, and lonely in the second book. I liked that we got to see more of Gale in this one as well-although in my opinion, it still wasn't enough. You Peeta lovers can stone me later. ;)

What disappointed me a bit-I shall try not to spoil anything-was the twist the plot took halfway through the book. Don't get me wrong I still loved it once I got over the shock. It was just so, so....rerun?? I understand the whole reason Mrs. Collins went this direction, but to have everyone revisit the scenario that made book one so amazing spoiled things for me a little.

This takes me back to what used to be one of my favorite shows, Prison Break. It was so original and fresh, thoughtful and intriguing, witty, and funny. I was addicted. I loved the characters-except for Michael's perpetual scowl that was supposed to make him look ruff. Pftt! HA hahahahaha! Just made him look constipated all-the-time. So they're in prison, they break out of prison, they are on the run-this show was awesome- then, they end up in a different prison that they now have to break out of again-WTF!! This smacked of recycled plot that writers hoped would elicit the same emotions from the viewers it did the first time. Bleeeeck! *leans and pukes into the nearest receptacle* It was a huge let down. I couldn't watch the show anymore, the character ceased to mean anything to me. I was a Prison Break widow, my love was dead.

While Catching Fire went back to the premise for the first book, it still hooked me and I know why the author did it. It was vital for a televised revolt against the Capitol that could happen no other way. I can't wait for the next book.

Suzanne Collins, I salute you. Well done. You left me with another cliffhanger, and I love cliff hangers.

Is it September 2010 yet??


P.S. I don't smoke. It was a joke. HA ha!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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