Dune Messiah ; The most hated sequel of all time?



Botanist said…
Hi Stella, I loved Dune (and re-read it only a few years ago) but it must be over 40 years since I last read Dune Messiah. I remember it never matching the stature of Dune, and that it was focused on the intrigues. But then, it was the intrigues far more than the big action that really attracted me to Dune anyway.

Sadly, we have to agree to disagree on the new covers. When I saw the new books on a bookstore shelf recently, my first reaction was they've gone for the cheapest option to republish the series. The artwork seems to me to be self-absorbed and artsy, and does nothing to sell the actual stories in the books - which is the one and only job of a book cover! Oh well ...

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