My fingers traced the filigree that had not changed
Within those tiny grooves the cursive ran and sang
Deep was a thousand tortures that could not be named
Within that token I held, a deep ache sprang
I closed my eyes and the wind would call your name
In marrow ate the affection, it's parasite
Arms would reach, hearts would yearn, though never the same
The fondness was gone, ancient as the Amorite
Pointless was the passion I could show in a kiss
As useless as the vermilion staining my lips
My faults drove you away, memory said this
Your body's warmth even time could not eclipse
To have in solitude, but to never keep
My hearts desire, fresh as dust, yet stale as youth
To laugh at recollections, and yet to weep
It matters not, permanent is the brand of truth
For love was a song I could never bare sing
Close enough to savour but too far to touch
In darkness the setting sun beckoned to bring
The solitary freedom I once treasured as much
Left is but to taste what could never be mine
To love absurdly what you would never give
Death could end the sorrow, yet that was to kind
Clutched is the token, my penance was to live
Your memory will have me longing tonight
The token given years ago was priceless
Away it goes, it's absence renewed my plight
Twas a gift wasteful as beauty on the loveless


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