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I’ve been doing hair for fourteen years, and been working for Regis/Supercuts for eleven of those years. I’ve been and Artistic Director/Educator for six of those years and have traveled every second week since taking that position. There have been some long professional/personal relationships I’ve made in that time and I’ve been through a lot. I’m a much different person than I was eleven years ago and I have Supercuts and all the wonderful people within that company to thank for that. They’ve helped me through some hard times and I’m the confident professional I am today largely because of them. But, that chapter of my life is ending. August 26th is my last day as an Art Director. I’m sad to leave but am looking forward to the change. I’m going to school full-time beginning August 30th for chemical engineering tech with the goal of a degree in petroleum engineering. This could seem odd to those who know me to be a creative busybody but I also love the logic of math and sciences. Some may wonder why I’m not taking a writing class, but being a writer has little to do with simply taking a class. I’ll be going from a 99% female work environment to a 99% male work environment. From beauty industry to chemical/oil industry my life is about to change. I’m excited. Thank you to everyone at Supercuts, I'll miss you.


Botanist said…
Wow! Big step, Stella.

What prompted that change in direction? What attracted you to petrochemicals? How long will you have to study for? What will you do with the degree at the end of it (and is it sponsored by a company with a job waiting at the end of it)? Do penguins' feet get cold? ... so many questions ...

Sorry to be nosy, but this sounds so exciting. Good luck with your new future.
Jean Davis said…
Now that is a big change! Ok, I admit, I'm intersted too... do penguin's feet get cold? :D

Best of luck to you with your new direction!
Stella Telleria said…
Let's see, what prompted the change?

I have felt stale in my job for some time now. I love constant change, but I'm a very loyal person. There's something about developing others for years that made me feel like I had not grown. I didn't mind the travel, but there was also something about losing time with family and loved ones to go teach people who sometimes didn't care about how I was trying to help them. At times it also felt like being the face for a large corporation meant losing some of my personality.

What attracted me to petrochemicals?

That in 2 years I could get a job that pays very well. That I could complete my degree online and all it would take is 8 classes and 800hrs of work, so I can do it while I work. I am mechanically inclined and enjoy sciences. No more working with the public. The schedule, 5 day on 5 days off 4 days on 4days off. I'm an environmentalist, now that might not sound like a reason to get into the oil field but that is where one could make a difference. I can throw the extra money I make at my writing, like going to conferences, hiring an editor, taking classes. I still want to write, more than anything, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be any good at it. I will keep working at it. I’m anything if not persistent. J

There is no job waiting for me at the end, but I'm confident I can get one. I have 3 friends who work at 3 different plants in the city and one tells me there is going to be a huge need for people with all the baby boomers retiring. I hate to say it, but I'm a woman, so that gives me an edge hire-wise. It isn't sponsored, I'm footin' the whole bill.

Penguins don't get cold feet. LOL!!!

It is very exciting! I hope that when I have a degree that I might get the opportunity to travel for periods of time, but then my husband will come with me.

It is a big change. Thanks for the good wishes guys! Full-time student. Lets see if I remember how this works. HA hahahaha!
Connie said…
Congrats again, Stella! What a huge change. We are behind you 100%. SuperCuts will never be the same :)
What a huge change to go back to school full-time. When is your last day of work / when do you start school? I hope you get a bit of a break to go pick out a super cool backpack and some fancy stationery. :)

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