A Pair of Captains

I was looking to upgrade the seating situation in my office/library.

There was nothing wrong with what I had, but I was tired of the black and it felt like college dorm furniture to me. I had bought these chairs for a really good deal over nine years ago so I didn’t feel bad about replacing them. I was even able to sell them for more than what I had originally paid. SCORE!

The Inspiration:

These cane back chairs are really hard to find without purchasing a whole dining room set. Add to that the reality that the cane is often times damaged in vintage pieces and I was lucky that I found not one but a pair of chairs.
It is also super rare that they were both captain’s chairs. DOUBLE SCORE! I sanded down the finish, primed, painted, and clear coated the wood.

Have you ever been inside Chintz and Company?

I could spend hours in there. I like to sew and they have a huge selection of fabric there. It is the only place in Edmonton that I’ve been able to find oil cloth.

After drooling over all the fabric choices, I selected three: a black and white oil cloth with a matching cotton version, an antique faded blue and cream print, and a blue bird print.

After some simple reupholstering and sewing some pillow covers, the chairs had a new lease on life. I sewed the cotton version of the seat cushions fabric on the backs of the pillows. I love how fresh the white paint makes them.


I had originally planned on antiquing them, but I couldn’t bring myself to scuff up the clean white paint. I’m such a wuss. :S

Next up is this vintage early 50s Gibbard mahogany dresser I found in an antique shop while I was out with a friend. It had an extremely shiny red finish that didn’t come through in the picture. The finish made it look kinda cheap but it had great lines.

Until next post.

Stella out!



Jean Davis said…
The chairs look great! Can't wait to see what you do with the dresser.

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