The Pictures Are In!!

I just got my hot little hands on my author pictures I told you about a few posts ago. I’m sooooo excited! They turned out so well.

 If you live in Edmonton and you need some photography done, I would recommend NareStudio Photography. They were great and really listened to my ideas and shared their own.

My problem is that so many of the photos turned out well, I don’t know which one I should use. They all have a different feel. Would anyone care to help me decide?

A note about this photo with the gun, I remember seeing a horror author's photo where she was applying her lipstick while looking at her reflection on a cleaver. I thought it was so cool. There are guns in my novel so I wondered if I could do something similar. Is it funny or ridiculous? BTW, it's really just a BB gun.

And there were so many other nice ones but I think these were the best.
Leave me the picture number you like best in the comments.


Unknown said…
#1 Is kick ass and I also really like #14. These are all very good though! What is the latest news with the book?
Botanist said…
I like #1 because it has something beyond the standard author photo and relevance to the stories.

#4 would be good except for the background light right by your head - shame about that :(

I like #8 & #15 too.
Jenni said…
I really love #10! I also like the one where you are laying in the grass but it reminds me too much of Karina Halle's author photo. These are freaking great Stella! I am floored, but it helps when the subject is as beautiful as the scenery :)
I like #12 the best. Love the outdoor scenery!
Giselle said…
#1 is badass and my favorite. I also love #8 but I would crop out a lot of the side so it's more a photo of just you. I also like 10!
Anonymous said…
Have no fear. If your book doesn't sell, just become a model!

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