Fear, The Other Four Letter Word

Fear is a very powerful thing. I think it, more than anything else, has stalled work on my second novel. The fear that lives in my mind is also a cancer whispering into my ear.

“No one wants to read this.”

“This scene doesn’t work.”

“You are a terrible writer. What business do you have creating a novel?”

“You are just wasting your time.”

Yeah, it sucks. It kicks the motivation I had, when I sat down at my laptop, right in the gonads.

One of my favorite You-Tubers, Ill Doctrine, has aptly named his fear as The Little Hater and has done a few videos about it. These videos are on the mark.

This next video is especially on the money. When going deeper into the Little Hater voices, I’ve realized there is more than just one. One voice is telling me, “You’re story is too simple, you have to make it more complex and ground breaking and believable.” But the other voice is saying, “It’s cute that you think you’re smart and stuff, but this is not entertaining! Where’s the action?”
Beating the fear isn't enough on its own. We need a song. Yeah, a song! Take that, Little Hater!

So what does your Little Hater/fear sound like? Don't let them win! Keep on keeping on!

Stella out!!


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