Don't Judge a Book by It's Genre; A video responce to the YA Slate article

I felt a deep need to ramble on about the YA bashing article that Slate put out.


Sarah Christensen said…
Well said Stella! I had almost the exact same thoughts regarding the author's comments about happy endings. Sometimes life is hard and a happy place is needed and that happy place is a book.
And I had not thought about the fact that oftentimes it is women's fiction that gets criticism, including YA.
Botanist said…
That sniffy article made me mad. The writer was effectively saying that there are "approved" ways of enjoying a book and anything else should be seen as shameful. Smacks of pretentious elitism to me.

I enjoy different books for different reasons, sometimes the beauty of the writing, sometimes the thoughts they provoke, but sometimes all I want is entertainment and a "satisfying" ending. What's wrong with that?

If people are reading, that's a good thing. Their motives are not up for judgment by self-appointed literature police.
Stella Telleria said…
Sarah, thank you for commenting. I agree, there is nothing wrong with a happy ending.

Ian, thank you for commenting as well. I agree with everything you said. I often feel all that pretentious elitism is just covering up pouty jealousy.

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