So I joined a writers circle...duh duh daaaaaa!!!!

So while I've been continually editing my novel, an author I had been seeing (professionally seeing, jeesh! I could see the wheels turning already!) and I both agreed that I could benefit from getting my novel professionally edited. Great! Right?? Well this is an expensive process, and I'm kind of allergic to expensive stuff; unless of course, it's wearable. So I think about an inexpensive alternative- join a writers group/circle. Great! Right?? Well I travel...all...the...time. So I think about the next solution, online writers circle! Success!! So I register, and the whole website works on a point system. You have to critique other authors works to earn enough points to post my own work to get critiqued. So I start editing this one story and half way through there is some serious M on M action. My eyes bug out of my head so far I need to get down on hands and knees to retrieve said eyeballs from the floor. My editing mojo halted so quickly I got whiplash, seriously, my neck hurts today. Aye ya aye! What have I signed up for? P.S.-For those of you who don't get what M on M means, here's a big hint...getting a Broke Back while climbing tall Mountain guarantees rubber-neckers.


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