So it's Wednesday night and...

It's Wednesday night. It's Wednesday night and I should be doing something productive with my time. Something productive like...oh, I don't editing the next chapter of my book that needs to be finished before the end of the week. Like editing other writers works so that I can earn such a favour in return. But, it's Wednesday night and I am sitting in my hotel room, finished reading the two books that I had brought with me to help me relax this week because I haven't read anything for fun since Catching Fire(which doesn't count because I knew it was going to be amazing). Only to realize that the two books I've read in two days(a series) leave me irritated wronged it's feels like I'm trying to pet a cat backwards. *sigh* More about these books in my next post. I must rant in order to fix my reader's chi. :S

So it's Wednesday night, and what am I doing you ask? I am watching HiLaRiOuS Youtube video's of one of my now favourite comedians, Eddie Izzard. I am watching, laughing myself into fits of dementia so sever I'm sure my neighbors are calling hotel security on me, when I find that some genius has put some of Eddie's stand up to Lego. Bwah hahahahahahahha!!!

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