Is Something Ever Truly Timeless to the Creator?

The idea for this post came to me the other night as I was watching Michael Jackson's 'This is it'. It was a movie made with the behind the scenes footage of Michael Jackson's come back tour rehearsals. The tour he never got a chance to perform before his tragic death.

He performed songs I have heard my entire life. He spoke to musicians about how to make everything sound just right. He was meticulous about minor details and had control of every aspect.

But, here is my question. Did Michael Jackson ever get tired or even cringe at hearing his old works?

I know that when I look at old paintings of mine, or when I read chapters I've written, or comics I've drawn years ago, I cringe. All I can see is where I had made mistakes, how my style has matured, how I would have done it differently if I could do it all over again. I wonder if other artists feel the same way? What would it be like to be stuck celebrating something you believe you have grown beyond? Or maybe it is more like a moment of brilliance that the artist feels they can never reproduce. That lighting will not strike twice. That for a while one possessed the Midas touch, and now all that is left is fool's gold.

Is it timeless or stale to the creator?

I wonder.


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