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I used to drive a lot for work. I’d drive all over Alberta at least four times a month. I hate solo road trips. I’m that woman on the highway with her windows down, music blaring, singing/yelling tonelessly to the music. I’m sorry that many had to suffer, but it was for my own safety, I assure you. If I didn’t do all these things I fall asleep behind the wheel. Highway 2 is one boring stretch. Combine that with the sneaky suspicion that I have narcolepsy and I'm ready to do just about anything to stay awake. Seriously, I can sleep anywhere at anytime, ask anyone. I've slept on stairs and right through an earthquake. Audio books were a great answer because they kept my mind occupied. But now that I fly for work, I’d much rather read a book than listen to it. Not that I ever preferred an audio book when I wasn’t driving. I find the reader’s voice gets on my nerves fast. Plus, when I’m not a captive audience I’m a busy body, so I’ll start doing other things and tune the audio book out unintentionally. I have recently discovered an author named Scott Sigler who started out turning his books into podcasts. After developing a huge fan following, publishers discovered something called a computer and then discovered a new thing called the ‘internet’ and realized that readers used such forms of information sharing and communication. (Sorry, I get a little angry when I think about how many publishers and agents don’t/refuse to use the Internet and still rely on archaic forms of communication, like snail mail. ERRRRRRG!) Soon publishers were knocking on Sigler’s door wanting to publish his books. Way to go, Sigler! Talk about the mountain coming to Mohammad. Ding! Ding! I have yet to listen to a whole book in audio form but it made me wonder how many other people have and do. I don’t care about stats. I’m wondering how many people I know listen to audio books. Let me know if you do. I have just recently bought myself an iPod touch. I am in gadget heaven! I was playing around with it the other day when I came across the voice memo device. I recorded part of a conversation that happens in my novel. Props to voice actors out there, it's tough to make them sound interesting and not annoying. My grade 9 drama teacher would be disgusted. Hee-hee!! For those of you interested, Scott Sigler has a few of his books on iTunes for free. You read right. Free! If you have a boring stretch of highway ahead of you, or you enjoy audio books when you're not trying to stay awake/alive, check them out. Stella, out!


DDC said…
Well you know I listen to audio books, be it sigler, jc hutchins, Mur Lafferty, Jake Bible, and more. I still owe you a longer email haha, I just hate typing, I'm not mad trust me, just lazy. :) I'll get back to you sometime soon, maybe?? I'll try, I'm sure I can fill you in better when we finally see each other again, some day, but I will get back to you someday haha. Later
Jean Davis said…
I'm scared to listen to audio books. I get distracted enough by talking to someone while driving, or wandering off in thought. Actually listening to a story would be far worse.
"Sorry about that bumper, but I was totally into this awesome chapter! You see, this guy... What? Why are you mad? It's a really good book. Oh right, your car. Ooops!"
Stella Telleria said…
Ha haha! The fear of audio books! Duh duh daaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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