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I’ve been tagged by Botanist to tell-all about the seven most awesome gadgets or pieces of technology I’ve either written or read about. Imagine my dismay when Botanist stipulated that I couldn’t include my beloved foam missile gun. (see picture) LOL! Click here or here if you don't know about my precious.
Here I go. I’ll try to stick with those gadgets that I’ve written about in my speculative novel ‘The Male Amendment’.

1. Parallel world transporter device that Vuri uses to travel to Earth from Gaia and meet Mia. It looks a lot like a classic iPod and can instantly ship one through wormholes to parallel universes where the women are svelte amazons that can kick ass. Funny, my gym pass does the same thing. That iPod is slated for release in 2020. Ha ha!

2. The GAU-19 Gatling gun Mia uses in Iraq. It’s mounted on the roof of her Humvee. It can fire 60 rounds in less than 2 seconds and has an effective range of 1,800 m, and a maximum range of 6,000 m. My foam missile gun sounds pretty weak to the fire Mia’s packin’.

3. The hover vehicles of Elysium. I secretly LOVE hover vehicles. Everyone who reads my story thinks they are some kind of futuristic automobiles that can fly, when in reality I just mean HOVER vehicles. They only float over the ground and water. I don’t know why there aren’t more hover vehicles around today, seems to make more sense creating a vehicle that can go over different terrains instead of leveling the planet so you can get around. Fewer taxes this way, the chicks on Gaia figured this out. Hee-hee!

4. Wireless power. A concept only in its early stages on Earth. I remember my husband reading me an article he’d found on the matter. I recycled the idea for my novel. Imagine, no power lines anywhere, all the power you need is sent to you by an antenna on your car or house. Sweet! Imagine all the shoes that couldn’t be pranked by tossing them on power lines anymore.

5. Elysium, a city run by solar and wind power alone. It will happen one day. Woo-who!

6. Shock rods, weapons used by the women of Gaia to electrocute and bludgeon men into obedience. Those amazons are brutal! :)

7. The Grid, a type of motion detector/sonar-like device that watches the forest around the Ant Hill. The Ant Hill is a camp the men have hidden in the woods, were refugees can escape from the cities where rebellion is synonymous with execution.
Now it seems I have to tag four people to pay it forward. I there for tag you:

Your objective is to tell us about the seven most fascinating characters you’ve ever dreamt up. Are they villains, heroes, psychopaths, egomaniacal friends, or janitors? I gotta to know.


Jean Davis said…
Hey now, I was the one who tagged Botanist! But... I like your challenge so I will go another round. :D
Botanist said…
Aww, Stella, cheer up. Here, you can have your foam missile gun back now.

What a great list. I don't think I want to visit Gaia any time soon, although it sounds like Shayla Carver might fit in well there. And I love your next question for people to think about.
Stella Telleria said…
Shayla Carver, what a great name. So you think Shayla could go Gaian, eh? I like her already.

I too am interested to see what people come up with.

Go, Jean, go!!
Botanist said…
Well, I don't think I'd describe Shayla as Amazonian, but she sure kicks ass.

Stella, by the time I saw your comment on my blog it was too late to say anything, but Jean is right, she has already been tagged. In the circumstances, do you think the blogger police might let her off with just posting a list and not having to pass the tag along?

She's also right that it is a great challenge. It sounds such fun that I might have a go at answering it myself, on the side.
Stella Telleria said…
The more the merrier. The characters one finds interesting is very telling indeed.

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