Birth of a Book

It's amazing, to me, the process that goes into making a book. I hope they never go completely out of fashion as ebooks take over.

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Stella out!!


Jenni said…
Oooh, Love this Stella, such a beautiful process! One day it'll be The Male Amendment on that press :)
Quillhill said…
The digital thing just doesn't compare.
Botanist said…
I am blown away by the amount of manual steps in that process. I assumed everything would have been automated.

Having said that, I like it :)
Jean Davis said…
I used to work in a print shop. Oh, this brings back memories. :)
Stella Telleria said…
I think the big publishers are a lot more automated. This is from a smaller publishing house out of the UK.

I hope one day it will. Fingers crossed.

It's not the same as a real book. There's nothing quite like the worn pages of a book to remember when in your life you read a beloved book and how it impacted your life.

That is so interesting that you've worked in one. Neat!

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