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I've said it before and I'll say it again. The cover art on a novel is important! It is especially important if an author is not going to have a professional design it. Not all authors get to publish through the traditional route.

So, I've three mock covers I've tinkered with over the years and I wanted to find out what the people think. Which cover would entice you to pick up the book to read the jacket?

I would like this book to appeal to both genders so I really want honesty here. You can vote on the handy dandy polling machine at the top of the side bar-->

Which will it be? Please leave a comment with your opinion. If none of them would make you pick up a novel, let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Stella, out!


Anonymous said…
They all look great Stella, but if you are aiming for both sexes I picked the neutral one (the middle one). The top one makes it look like it could be a raunchy love novel (which I know it isn't) and the bottom makes me wonder if it is too male orientated and I would be lost reading it.
Stella Telleria said…
Thanks for your thoughts, Anonymous. Sounds like you know something about the story. Who are you really??
Anonymous said…
If I told you I would have to kill you...but if you paid me I might let it slip! lol. It's Alicia and Chantal told me about it after you let her read it (she gave it good reviews!)
Quillhill said…
On first glance, the first one does have a strong hint of erotica, although because it is black and white and pretty raw, it also looks kind of street-tough. The second one seems too ambiguous. The third one suggests post-modern or something to me, and I think the color and repetition hints of Warhol. If I had to buy a book based only on a cover, I would choose the second one. However, I don't think it tells me anything about the story at all.
I would pick up the last one. I like the colors and the bold statement. The first feels very S&M and the second feels too contemporary.
Stella Telleria said…
My goal with the last one was metaphor. The grenades are like the characters in the story, in situations (personal or social) that make them ticking time bombs. I also love how the last grenade is missing its fuse. This could mean so many things. The character that's already lost his/her head, or the social issues in the novel and the executions. I did some Photoshop to the original pick to make it Warhol -esque. It's my favourite. But the goal wasn't whether or not one would by the book based on the cover, but to pick it up because it was interesting enough to find out more.

Maybe the first one would work if it was more dirty and gritty and obviously not a romance novel. The middle one is pretty vague though.
Thanks for your thoughts!!
Anonymous said…
I like the first one Stelly .... Doesn't seem erotic to me! :)
Stella Telleria said…
Only one person calls me Stelly. Welcome to my blog, Chantal! Thank you for voting! If the first one is to work it needs to be more gritty, I think.
Jean Davis said…
Grit-ify the first one. :) I like that one best. The second doesn't tell me anything about the book and the third one is too masculine for me.

Maybe play with the fonts a little? The title could stand out more and be bigger so if it were shrunk down to a thumbnail, it would still be easily readable.

Maybe put the focus more on the title and the hands in chains and show less of the big, bright, naked back--that might help venture away from the erotica feel.
Quillhill said…

How about a close-up of the guy in cuffs that are shaped like this image, the female symbol? And/or maybe include the goddess pendant?

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