Copyright Impingement

After reading Roni Loren’s post on two different blogs I follow, I decided to straighten out my blog. Many bloggers out there use photos from Google to make posts more interesting. We must be careful that the photos we use are not copyrighted. Any picture, unless it is a Creative Commons license pic (or other commons photos like wiki common), is copyrighted.

People have had to cough up money to pay for wrongfully using a copyrighted pic. Let’s face it. I’m a poor schmuck, and I can’t afford to be sued. Also, as a creative person, it goes against my stance that an artist should always be paid for their work. I personally don’t rip off music, DVD’s, or digital books, so why should pictures be any different?

Come on, good karma!

So, I’m slowly changing out all the photos that are not mine on this blog starting with the post I put up a few days ago. Frankly, I think I like the new cover even better, and I have a little more pride in knowing I took the photo myself. I feel even more creative now!


What do you think of the new cover?

Stella out!


Botanist said…
Hi Stella, looks like you were back in action for the summer, now it's all gone quiet again.

I like the general appearance of the cover (red one for preference - but have you tried other colors? Maybe blue, or purple?) but the graininess is a problem for me, especially in the lettering. Not sure if that's deliberate or just image quality.

BTW - I tagged you on my blog, an excuse to talk some more about your WIP :)

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