Don't Worry...

I have neglected this blog yet again. My apologies.

This last year has had its highs and lows. I had been searching for a literary agent last year around this time, and I received a pile of rejection but also some positive feedback. A few agents told me my novel was a close call for them and told me to keep going with it. Three agents asked for additional chapters, and two of those requested full manuscripts. There was also a small publisher that asked for additional chapters.

I have received rejections from all except the publisher and one of the agents.

There have been some somber moments, especially within the past month when an agent that’d had my manuscript for almost an entire year gave me a form rejection. A FORM REJECTION. And there were moments when I couldn’t bring myself to write or critique or even read.

But I don’t want to dawdle in those moments. I was feeling angry, frustrated, and destitute. Not an honorable combination.

I have embraced the notion that my novel will not be traditionally published. And that’s just fine. I am planning on self-publishing my novel as well as turning it into an ebook. I feel excited again. I have been working on a new book cover and I’m very pleased with the results.

There have been many times when I’ve not wanted to blog because I felt had nothing positive to share or say and I didn’t want to dump my poopy mood on anyone else. And at the worst of times it felt as if no one missed my postings anyways.

But I hope to begin blogging regularly again. I think it will help me stay positive because this blog holds me accountable for thoughts and moods. I feel as if I’ve grown and that is, at the very least, a good thing.

Stella out!


Botanist said…
Well, I've checked in now and then to see if you were still there.

It looks like I've also grown tired of waiting for trad pub and am planning to go it alone. Will be posting about it at some point, although I've also gone quieter than normal on the blogging front. Nothing wrong with that - if you don't feel you have anything to say, then don't say anything :)
Stella Telleria said…
Hi Ian,

Good to hear from you. Are you going to go ebook or are you going to find a self-publisher?
Botanist said…
At the moment likely ebook for general distribution, but I want to get it formatted for print as well so I can get some hard copies from a local printer.

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