Across the Wire : Book Tour : Day 8

Hi everyone,

Two blogs are in on the Across the Wire tour today. Check them out and don't forget to enter the giveaways on each blog. Each blog is giving away an Across the Wire ebook. There is also one tour-wide grand prize of SWAG! That word is so fun to say. SWAG. swag. Swag. Swaaaaaaaag!

SWAG: T-shirt with a Mia quote, genuine silver and garnet goddess necklace, signed copy of the book, mug with a Mia quote, invitation Across the Wire, travel advisory, book mark.

Check out today's blog stops.

Stella out!


Saw your video with Jenni at Xpresso Reads and thought I'd stop by. I seldom read dystopia but I liked your thoughtfulness in crafting the setting of your story - our culture certainly taints and defines us and I like that you chose to explore the what-ifs in your book. All the best with your book launch! :)
Stella Telleria said…
Thank you for stopping by, Henrietta. I love what-ifs too. I love how they can change how one views things.

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