Some people need to chill!

So I edited a very short piece of literary fiction on that new writers group website I joined. There were lots of great metaphors and similes in this snip-bit, but it was pretty abstract. The author sent me a message today that sounded a lot like this: "What are you?? A friggin retard? The story is about hell!!! Not some stupid, insipid, amputation procedure! WTF is wrong with you? It is a response to Blake's "The Human Abstract", which is name checked in here! God damn you're dumb!! WTF!!!!" weren't the exact words, but the intent was implied, believe dat!! Dude! If you wanted everyone to know your story was about hell then why not just say so? This has just strengthened my belief that literary fiction writers are stuck up. They're like misunderstood mimes who need to suffer quietly for their art. Only while being misunderstood by the masses will they find Nirvana. I know they're trying to be deep and all, but sheesh! Lighten up a bit! I know the rest of us might seem dumb to you almighty lit-fic writers but honestly, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood??? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh! If they could only read this blog, it would be like vampires in sunlight! LOL! P.S.-I never saw a big raspberry on you, you evil lit-fic writer!! Bwah hahahaha!!


Quillhill said…
We are not all stuck up. Which just goes to show we are misunderstood. ;)
Stella Telleria said…
Well it just goes to show that there are some lit-fic writers out there with a sense of humor. I apologise to those who get grouped into the whole. My bad! ^_^

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