I'm never lending my children--I mean-- books out again

For those of you who don't know, I am a very cheery, optimistic, and happy woman. The last post and this next one might have you thinking differently. But, know that I am not myself when someone abuses my cherished books. I've cooled down a bit now. I'm somewhere between mad and in a funk. Let me explain why.
Anyone who loves books like I do will understand my current issue. I lent a friend one of my books.
Now I know what you're thinking. "But Stella, it'll be okay. I'm sure they will treat your book with as much love as you do. They might even let it sleep with them if it has nightmares."
I was mad!!
They cracked the spine not once, no, no, no, that could have been a mere accident, yes it could have. They, however, cracked it twice, TWICE! They dog-eared the pages as well. The corners have suffered wear and tear they had never been subjected to in my care. If someone lends you something, you are to return it to them in the same condition it was trusted to you in! Errrrgggg!!!
They...they...they...I say "they" like it is synonymous with deadbeat, slob, and murderer.
Yes, they...
To make matters worse this is not just some book I can just waltz down to the local book store and pick up a brand new shinny copy of. No, my friends. This is an out of print book that I've cherished for the last eighteen years of my life. It is this book that I read at a very young age that had aided (along with other movies, books, and music) me in discovering what my future tastes, writing style, and opinions would be. Looking back I can see how this book had changed me from my soother wearing peers at the time. Don't pretend like you don't remember that whole soother wearing craze TLC brought in. Still drawing a blank are we? Check out the video below if your memory needs a refresher.
Now where was I...ah yes! THEY!!!
THIS is a crime so terrible...
...it deserves a chalk outline.
I must leave you now and mourn my book. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty's little know masterpiece known as Ms. Tree. I shall enlighten you soon. But for now, I must plot my revenge.
Kidding...ha ha ha...just kidding!

Or am I?
Duh da DAH!!!!!!


I sure can empathise with you! I come from a family of readers & some of my friends had no qualms about calmly stealing from my father's impressive library. I caught one such thief's mom saying: It's OK to steal books from people who don't read them regularly!!!! What does that mean??!! If I have a huge collection, I must ensure that I keep reading them over & over again & again??!! Believe me, I've severed connections with some such back-stabbing "Friends" (with or without the "r" in the word!).

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