Making it in High Heels 2

It's officially out. Woot woot!! Pick up a copy and let me know what you think. I am officially published!! I shall also be attending the launch party in Toronto on October 27th. I shall be chatting with the media and shall hopefully not make a spectacle of myself. Perhaps I shall pull a Kanye West. "The Da Vinci Code was the best book of all time, of all time!" ROFL!! Then Dan Brown shall walk out of the building and say, "Mmmmm hmmm that's right! Chumps!" just like Beyonce really wanted to say. Ha ha! Ahem! Anyways...
Buy the book at Chapters or Amazon (This is for the Canadians out there. I think Amazon has the better deal though):
Buy the book at Amazon (This is for the Americans out there):


Caroline Gault said…
Congratulations! Can't wait to read it!!
Marilia said…
Muitos Parabéns e que venham muitas mais publicações!!

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