And the verdict is...

My tentative first chapter is up for review on the blog Flogging the Quill. The blog is run by Ray Rhamey, a writer and editor that focuses on the hook of the first page of a novel. The first page and the first chapter really have to reel in the reader and get them addicted to the story. He posts the first page of a writer's novel and Ray says what he thinks and gets others (writers and such) to vote whether or not they would turn the page. To see my post on this site click here. A writer friend of mine had suggested the changes Ray recommended. Good on ya, Jean. ;) Back to the drawing board it is. Ray's comments meant a lot. Maybe he's just really nice, though. Either way...I'm reminded that while writers are wonderful at giving critiques of other's works, there is also no pleasing them. The comments on the blog are a good example of that. Stella


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