Onward I Trudge

I'm still working through revisions and it blows my mind how far I've come in being able to spot my own mistakes. However, I'm even further boggled by my inability to catch the rest of my mistakes. Mistakes that my wonderful writer friends point out to me. Mistakes that have me wondering if I should get my eyes checked, for surely I must have been blind to miss them in the first place. It is so easy to critique someone else's work and find these mistakes. If only I could find them in my own work as easily. I found this video about the importance of proofreading. It's hilarious. Enjoy!


Jean Davis said…
That's hilarous! ROFL! I've seen a similar one before, but man, I'll have to keep my red penis by my hand at all times from now on.

BTW, I miss all kinds of stuff in my own writing too, as you well know. You're not alone. ;)
Botanist said…
So true! Hilarious sketch, Stella, spank you for sharing :-)

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