Exam Week--The Final Conflict

Final exam week is here. Four days. Five exams. Thursday afternoon equals FREEDOM!! It's been a long journey and it's almost done. I can't wait to start my new job and life. I enjoyed school, but it always feels as if one is in a state of constant limbo. It was only a temporary routine. It’s been two years and I can't wait to start working. My first day is next Tuesday. Wish me luck!

With exams done I can focus on writing and this blog again. Yay!!! I can’t wait.
Stella out!


Botanist said…
I love that Venn diagram! Good luck, Stella. That exam schedule sounds tough, hope you make it through OK!
Visiting (and now following) from the Questionable Query blog... love the premise of your book.

Hope exams went well!
Stella Telleria said…
Welcome Katie!
Thank you for your kind words. *blush* ;) Feel free to participate in the mock cover poll for my novel on the side bar if you like. Which cover would intrigue you to pick up my novel and read the jacket?

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