Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Glory

It finally hit me the other day while I was driving to work. Later, on the same day, I recieved something important in the mail. Four years of planning, hard work, fear, doubt, and perseverance all came to a finale. I received my diploma in the mail the other day and I realised I'd finally achieved the goal I had set just over four years ago.

I had applied to this program twice and had been rejected, and on the third time, after up grading my entry level courses, I was accepted. It was hard going back to school as an adult. We have bills to pay, responsibilities to keep, and academic insecurities to nurture. All the "kids" fresh out of high school might have found that first year of NAIT easy, but that was the most gruelling time for me. There was a lot of rust to knock off my brain. In those first few weeks I was so overwhelmed I often went home, almost in tears, thinking what have I done? I'd quit a good career I was 13 years invested in. I had a job many in the industry sot. My husband was supporting me while I tried to do this and wasn't sure that I could. I never told my husband my doubts. I didn't want to stress him out more than he already was.

A question nagged at me.

What if I fail?....




....I cannot fail at this.

I'm feeling a little proud today, so please forgive this boast-post.

Stella out!!


Botanist said...

You deserve a bit of a boast. You worked hard for it, you earned it, you deserve it!

Jean Davis said...

Congratulations! Go you! :D

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