Fresh Ideas

So, I was tinkering around on my computer before night shift today, not enough time to get much revision work done, when I had an idea.

I know I’ve had a lot of different novel cover ideas here before, but this was a different one. I really wanted this cover to appeal to both men and women while being eye-catching, interesting, and mysterious.

What do you think?

I’ve reopened the Novel Poll in the side bar and would love some votes and feedback.--à
Would this cover make you pick up this novel and read the jacket? Is there a cover in the side bar that would?

I confess that this new one is my new f

Stella out!


Quillhill said…
I think the concept--the goddess pendant--fits the novel much better than the other choices. But the execution still doesn't really click. The style looks very "comic book" to me.

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