Feminism ala 1970

Wow! A writer friend of mine just sent me this quote from one of her favourite books. Beware, it will be judged as feminist, when in reality, it is simply strong willed:

"I think I am a Man; I think you had better call me a Man. I think you will write about me as a Man from now on and speak of me as a Man and employ me as a Man and recognize child-rearing as a Man's business you will think of me as a Man and treat me as a Man until it enters your muddled, terrified, nine-tenths-fake loveless papier- mache-bull-moose-head that I am a Man (And you are a woman) That's the whole secret. Stop hugging Moses′ tablets to your chest, nitwit; you′ll cave in. Give me your Linus blanket, child. Listen to the female man."
                                                                                                   --'The Female Man' by Joanna Russ---

Just bought a used copy of 'The Female Man' on one of my favourite sites http://www.abebooks.com/ . This site is great for rare, out-of-print, and hard to find books. I shall have to see what this friend of mine has been raving about. I shall update you soon.
Stella out!


Jean Davis said…
Do fill us in. I tried to read the wiki synopsis but with four women with similar J names it was making my eyes cross. Hopefully the book itself will be clearer. :)
Stella Telleria said…
I know!! I think I'm going to be confused as well. :S

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