The Male Amendment; Mock cover vote

So, I decided to post the mock cover I'd made of the man with his hands chained behind his back. Let me know which cover piques your interest more. I shall keep the epigraph, I think. I like it, does anyone have any feedback for the epigraph? Remember, I don't have the rights to either of these pictures. They are not mine but they convey what I was going for. Let me know by either leaving a comment here on my blog or leave me a comment on facebook. Which cover would lure you to pick up my book and read the jacket? Epigraph:
In the dream there is a message. There is a transition you must work through, a transformation to be made. A bridge, where change takes place. Danger lurks in the amendment because a new perspective is needed. Let go. Much can be attained, if, you work through the clouded fog. Insecurity pushes your prejudices, for you do not know where this bridge will take you. You must change, even though you cannot see were the alteration will lead you. You must.
--Stella Telleria--


Caroline Gault said…
I have to say that I've been putting off commenting on which cover I like better because I'm SO TORN! I know what your book is about because Monica had given me the down-low, so from what I know of your book, I want to say choose the one with the man & cuffs, but on the other hand, I love the way the clouds/bridge looks... is there anyway you could kind of combine them?? Like have a ghost/transparent image of the man with the cuffs over the clouds??? I don't know... Hmmm... its so tricky!

I love the updated blog!!! And thanks for your message on MY updated blog. I always get so anxious when I post anything that shows my true feelings... but that usually means it will turn out well. Good luck for the new year, and I really hope to read your novel one day!!!
Stella Telleria said…
Hey Caroline! Thanks for the comment. I'm worried that the guy in chains will only appeal to women. That guys will walk right by it and think chicklit or romance. Hmmmmmmm...We shall see. I hope you read my novel one day too. ^_^. I hope you're doing well, that your hair is in good hands, and that you conquer your fear of sharks/open water.

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