A year of new beginings

I was inspired by my friend Caroline's blog, so I decided to freshen up my own for the new year.

I have to say that this new year has me excited. The possibilities are endless. So many things feel like they are going to change. I'm pumped, because I love change. As I near the end of editing my first novel it seems the road has been an interesting one. I've learnt so much about my self I'd forgotten and never known. I had forgotten how easy it was to lose myself in a project. I have come to terms with criticism and could bush off the most disheartening and turn it into a victory of some sort. I have been rejected by many literary agents and it only makes me want to try harder.

Here is a toast to the new year!

When we are anxious it is because we are living in the future, when we are depressed we are living in the past. So first let us start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, then suddenly we shall be doing the impossible.


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