On a sad note

Today, July 8, is four years since my father died. That day changed everything. I had been so absorbed in my job I did little else. That was very unusual for me. I had many hobbies but had not spent time doing them in years. After my father died I found joy in nothing. Nothing had any flavour anymore. Could I push the joy back into my life? I wondered. I started painting again. The first piece sits unfinished in my library/office/studio. I couldn't finish it. The urge to write again came to me. I wrote my dads story. But, I couldn't finish that either. The books I read began chipping away at my sadness like miners in a dark cave. A story began to build in my mind. Never being able to stop thinking about it I started writing it down. I began painting again. Now that I've found the joy again I don't want to lose it. My dad taught me that, among many other things. I wrote a story story about my dad years ago. Click here if you'd like to read it. It was one of the first things I had written in years, and it shows. Lets all do what we love everyday, and tell the people we love how important they are.


Botanist said…
A poignant story, Stella. Both you and your father were lucky to have known such love. Thank you for sharing.
Stella Telleria said…
Thanks for reading, Ian.

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