The Male Amendment; Mock Cover

I have been working on editing my book quite a bit and needed a short break. Being the creative weirdo I am, I decided to brainstorm cover art ideas for it. I tinkered with ideas of liberty symbols like the liberty bell. The end result was horrid. Then I threw around the idea of a man with his hands chained behind his back. It looked good, but I didn't want people to wonder if this was supposed to represent Eben's character look-wise. I hate books with pictures of what their characters look like. It drives me crazy!! What do marketing departments in these publishing companies think? That if I think the characters are hot I'll buy the bloody book? Grrrrrr! So I went back to my original plan of looking for a more metaphorical approach. I thought of symbols of change, uncertainty, and struggle. In the process I found my epigraph as well. Woot woot!! This is based on the symbolism in dreams. I think it's perfect because both main characters cross bridges before a huge change happens in their lives. Ding! Ding! I don't have rights to this picture I used, but this is just to convey the idea of what I want. The epigraph is below. Let me know what you think, pretty please. Are you going to make me beg? Would you pick this book up and read the jacket if you saw it in a bookstore?

In the dream there is a message. There is a transition you must work through, a transformation to be made. A bridge, where change takes place. Danger lurks in the amendment because a new perspective is needed. Let go. Much can be attained, if, you work through the clouded fog. Insecurity pushes your prejudices, for you do not know where this bridge will take you. You must change, even though you cannot see were the alteration will lead you. You must.

--Stella Telleria--


CJ Dawson said…
That is an awesome picture! I like this one better because for me the the guy's hands was a good one but if I saw it @ a bookstore I would pass it by thinking it was a chick-lit or romance type story, but the bridge I would pick up because the picture is eye-catching and beautiful. (now I need to do some catching up on the book!)
Stella Telleria said…
See this is what I thought would happen with the other cover as well. I want a cover that will apeal to female and male readers, and I don't think the other cover--with the man--does that. Thanks for your vote Chris! I hope more people will tell me what they think.

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